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19th Feb 2020

The latest episode of All In, backed by AIB, is available now


Mark Little, Iseult Ward, and Norman Crowley were on the show talking about the entrepreneurial mindset.

It doesn’t matter what stage of business you’re at, there are always lessons to learn. Whether you’re the face of an international corporation that goes toe-to-toe with giants or a start-up looking to push your way into an emerging market, it’s always worth hearing from other fellow business people.

That’s what All In is all about. We bring together some of the most successful and exciting entrepreneurs from all walks of life, and discuss their experiences in the business world.

The latest episode focuses on the entrepreneurial mindset, and features this fantastic lineup of guests:

  • Mark Little – Co-Founder and CEO of Kinzen
  • Iseult Ward – Co-Founder and CEO of Food Cloud
  • Norman Crowley – Founder and CEO of Crowley Carbon

While it does take a certain amount of talent to back yourself, there is certainly much more to it than that. Mark, Iseult and Norman have all had different experiences that got them to where they are, but a common theme is the ability to learn from mistakes and steer the ship in troubled waters.

Check out the full episode below, and we’ll have more on our website and across social media over the next few days.

All In, backed by AIB, is available everywhere you get your podcasts and on YouTube every Wednesday.

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