Revolut announce supports for the business community affected by the Covid-19 emergency 3 years ago

Revolut announce supports for the business community affected by the Covid-19 emergency

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In what is a very tough time for businesses across a host of industries in Ireland, Revolut are here to help.


As Ireland gets to grips with the introduction of the latest and very necessary measures to combat the spread of Covid-19 and flatten the curve, everyone has had to adapt to what truly are unprecedented times.

The business community and in particular, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), are feeling the pinch brought about by the economic impact of the virus and facing struggles that they couldn’t possibly have accounted for.

As a result, they need all the help they can get to stay afloat and into a position of stability, where they can look to prosper once again when things return to normal.

A series of Government measures announced last week will help, while Revolut are also chipping in to do what they can to assist the hundreds of thousands of businesses around the globe, including in Ireland, that avail of their services.


While over 10 million people worldwide use it today, it’s only five years since the launch of Revolut and only three years since the launch of Revolut Business. As a result, they intimately understand the challenges with come with being an SME.

To that end and to help businesses who might be going through a rough patch at the moment, Revolut have announced a series of supports to help Revolut Business customers meet those challenges and to help ease some of the pressures brought on by the Covid-19 emergency.

“Business as usual”

Earlier this month, Revolut put to bed rumours about the financial security of the company that, like a lot of misinformation throughout the Covid-19 emergency, had been spread via WhatsApp.


"The Coronavirus pandemic is causing unprecedented movement in financial markets,” said Revolut's CEO Nikolay Storonsky.

"Naturally this can be alarming and can allow rumours and false information to spread quickly. To put your mind at ease, I’d like to make Revolut’s position super clear.

"Last month, we raised $500 million from investors. We were delighted with that vote of confidence in our revenue generating business and its ability to deliver transformative services for our customers.

"So I want to make clear that for Revolut, it’s business as usual."


24/7 Support

As a digital, cloud-based company, all Revolut staff are well equipped and fully trained to work from home. The Revolut customer support team are online and ready to help from the safety of their homes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Revolut have warned that, due to the global impact of Covid-19, there may be slightly longer waiting times to engage with customer service representatives in busy periods.

Monitoring specific customer queries in relation to the impact of Covid-19

The Revolut team are constantly monitoring queries from customers about Covid-19 and using that experience to improve the speed and quality of their service.


Ongoing dialogue between Revolut and their customers will enable the company to better inform and train customer support staff and ensure that there are enough staff to deal with customer enquiries as the situation with Covid-19 evolves.

Real-time information

Revolut have dedicated teams monitoring the situation with Covid-19 every day to ensure that their customer support team can update customers with new information regarding their accounts and to ensure that they can adapt to any sudden changes or escalations.

Digital payments

In an effort to prevent people from having to handle physical cash, consumers have been encouraged to use digital payments wherever possible.

All Revolut cards are fully contactless and supported by Apple and Google Pay (in countries, like Ireland, which supports these services). Customers can link their Revolut cards to Apple or Google Pay in seconds from the app, directly from the ‘Cards’ section.

More information on Apple and Google Pay and other handy Revolut Business features is available here.

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