US tech company to create 300 new jobs in Dublin-based HQ 5 years ago

US tech company to create 300 new jobs in Dublin-based HQ

Dublin's future as a growing hub for the tech industry continues to brighten.

American tech-based company Zendesk have announced that they will be employing an additional 300 people in Dublin over the next three years.


The company have recently acquired a new office building along the Grand Canal, but they have already set up their Europe, Middle East and Africa headquarters here in Dublin over five years ago, and they already employ over 200 people here.

Zendesk's main headquarters is based in San Francisco, but was founded over a decade ago in Copenhagen by three friends who, as they company's website puts it, "wanted to put some Zen into the chaotic world of customer support."

The company has over 100,000 customers in 160 countries around the world, with whom they sell easy interactivity between businesses and customers.

Of the 300 new jobs, the majority will be within engineering, but there will also be new positions in many different parts of the company's operation, including development, infrastructure, product management, sales, finance and legal.