VITHIT founder Gary Lavin on how hiring 'mini entrepreneurs' means working only five hours a day 7 months ago

VITHIT founder Gary Lavin on how hiring 'mini entrepreneurs' means working only five hours a day

The stuff of dreams.

After remaining persistent and continuing to strive for success since its launch in 2009, VITHIT — a low-calorie blend of teas, vitamins, water and juices — is now sold in over 17 countries, and continues to become a firm favourite thirst-quencher and flavoursome drink for the more health-conscious among us.

So how does Managing Director and VITHIT creator, Gary Lavin, work just five hours a day, sometimes three?

At JOE's All In LIVE show this week, he stated that no one has left the business in about four to five years and that 'mini entrepreneurs' are pretty key.

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"I don't sit on people's shoulders and look after them day-to-day. It's not what I do. I like to have mini entrepreneurs within our business. So we have people based in France, Australia, UAE and what I do is I basically hand them the keys to the city and I basically say, 'Right, we're now doing X amount sales. You need to get to Y amount sales. If you don't, you don't have a job."

You could probably say it's the perfect mix of employees' drive and initiative (and the founder's push for this) that has the VITHIT team so determined to succeed.

"...if they do it they get great bonuses and they become the owner of their own destiny.

" enables me to work five hours a day. And sometimes it can be three but the thing about it is I'm five hours a day 100 per cent on work but when I go home I'm always checking emails, I don't really get that stressed so, you know, I annoy people at home sometimes when I’m on my phone and I do cut it off eventually and do some family time or whatever but I’m always on 20 per cent, and I’m 100 per cent on for five hours, and it works for me."

Gary features on this week's episode of All In, JOE's all-new business show.

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