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27th Feb 2024

Dune: Part Two is now the ‘highest-rated film of all time’

Nina McLaughlin

Dune Part Two

Some people are already arguing the rating should be even higher…

Dune: Part Two has taken the prestigious crown of being the most highly-rated film on IMDb.

The new release has replaced cult classic The Shawshank Redemption at the top of the site’s rankings, and also outranks The Godfather and The Dark Knight.

Dune: Part Two is now the ‘highest-rated film of all time’ on IMDb.

Dune: Part Two is not released in cinemas until the end of this month, but it has already taken the crown to be the most highly-rated film on the platform. It currently has a perfect 10/10 rating.

It’s no surprise considering how the first film in the franchise was met with high praise, with some even saying it was the best fantasy to hit screens since Lord of the Rings.

The latest film from Denis Villeneuve is said to be a cut above Part One, with Dextero calling the sequel a “superior echo of its predecessor”.

Picking up from the point where the first instalment left off, Part Two continues to follow the story of Frank Herbert’s novel of the same name.

Viewers have taken to social media to share their excitement for the new movie.

Dune: Part Two hits cinemas on 29 February, so you can make up your mind for yourself as to whether it’s deserving of the hype then.

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