10 top tips on what to eat before a breakfast training session 2 years ago

10 top tips on what to eat before a breakfast training session

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Attack the day!

This one's for the heroes who like nothing better than hitting the gym or the roads first thing in the morning. While most people are hitting the snooze button and rolling over, they're out there feeling the burn and putting the rest of us to shame.

Not everyone likes to eat before an early morning training session but here are some top tips if you do plan to fuel up before you get started. This quick guide will give you tips on when to eat, what to eat, and what works best.

Eat early

Try to eat something at least 45 minutes before you start into your workout and don't overdo it. It’s no fun trying to be active with your barely-digested breakfast churning around in your stomach.

Digest before drinking

It’s important to be hydrated before a workout but drinking lots of water along with your breakfast can slow down digestion or make you feel bloated. Try to give yourself 20 minutes after eating before you start chugging from your water bottle.

Avoid high fat foods

Food that’s high in fat takes longer to digest. That fry may look tasty but you’re basically pushing back the clock in terms of when you’ll feel ready to get started.

Carbs are your friend

Carbohydrates are perfect for a pre-workout feed but try to combine complex and simple ones to ensure a steady release of energy. Try something like whole wheat toast with sliced banana or peanut butter to keep you fuelled up.

Eat yoghurt before a run

If you fancy an early morning run, a bit of Greek yoghurt is a perfect stomach-friendly option. Throw in some trail mix, dried fruit or nuts to give it an extra energy hit.

Try a liquid hit

Smoothies are a handy option if you want to get something that’s easily digested on the go. You can even get it into you on the way to the gym to get your complex and simple carbs on board. It couldn't be easier.


Bear with us here! It may seem like a leftfield option but a cup of chickpeas, with some optional lemon juice for flavour, can give you a solid hit of protein, carbs and fibre before you get your sweat on.

Go for the steady release

If you want something that’s guaranteed to keep you topped up, some oatmeal is a great choice that’ll gradually release carbs into your bloodstream. The addition of some juicy berries or fruit will give you a sugar boost and help with hydration.

An apple a day...

If you want a quick bite to stave off the sugar crash but don’t want to eat too much, some apple wedges are a good option. They may not fill you up but they do offer minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

Dried fruit

It may not be exciting but it makes up for it by giving you instant energy without that bloated feeling. A quarter cup is enough to get you going.

After your workout, you should get plenty of fluids in to help with rehydration. It’s also a good idea to grab something a bit more substantial to help with muscle recovery.

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Brought to you by Centra.