Fancy competing with a friend in a free 12 week Weight Watchers programme? 7 years ago

Fancy competing with a friend in a free 12 week Weight Watchers programme?

Trousers feeling a little tighter around the waist after the summer excesses? Seeing one too many chins in the mirror? Let JOE and Weight Watchers help you shed those unwanted pounds.

JOE has again teamed up with our friends at Weight Watchers to offer our readers the opportunity to partake in a 12 week Weight Watchers programme where the emphasis is on healthy eating and as a consequence, weight loss. All you have to do is keep a diary to keep readers up to speed with your progress.


A number of JOE readers have partaken in this programme in the past with great success and the emphasis this time around is on the competitive element.

If you’re going to lose some weight, why not get a mate or a family member involved too? Not only will the two of you end up looking and feeling better at the end of it all, but the competition should drive everyone involved to greater achievements. You don’t want your best mate shedding pounds like there’s no tomorrow while you’re left lagging behind now do you?

During the 12-week period, we’ll also be posting a tasty but healthy weight watchers recipe on the site every week for a meal which will provide readers with a healthy way to refuel after exercise.

Sound up your street? If you and your mates are interested, all you have to do is send an e-mail to and with WeightWatchers in the subject line and include your details, where you’re based and why you would like to get with the programme.

The winners will be announced in the next couple of weeks.