Our guide to achieving your health & fitness goals 1 year ago

Our guide to achieving your health & fitness goals

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The first step is often the toughest.

No matter what kind of shape you're in or what your fitness levels are, there's likely always something you want to improve. It could be as simple as getting a quicker time on your runs, getting better at relaxing, or you could be looking to totally change your lifestyle.

While your challenge might seem like a bigger mountain to climb than the person beside you, they all follow the same principles. Often referred to as "The Three Pillars," the first things you have to get right are your mind, body, and nutrition.

Once you've started on the right path, it's just a case of sticking to it. That stays the same regardless of whether you just want to drop a shirt size or train for a marathon.

Mind your head

No, that doesn't mean duck as you walk into a gym (unless your gym has a low ceiling). Mindfulness is exceptionally important, and in the past few years, it has become easy to focus on it without even having to leave your home.

Here’s where the KBC WellGood programme can help. It's a collaboration from KBC and WellFest that kicks off on Monday, 4 March.

The (completely free) 21-day challenge was designed by experts to encourage people to spend just a short time each day focusing on their wellness.

To take part in the challenge, all you need to do is sign up at wellfest.ie. It's being delivered by ambassadors like Dublin footballer Philly McMahon (plus a host of other diet, health, and fitness experts), and you'll receive daily emails that offer simple challenges built to help reinforce positive habits.

Find long term health & fitness goals

By that, we don't mean "stick to a certain diet for 10 years." A long term goal should be something that will motivate you for long enough to stick with it.

For example, wanting to be able to play 5-a-side with your mates is a lot better than wanting to look good for a holiday. To be able to keep playing you have to keep training, whereas a holiday is only temporary.

Schedule your workouts

Many people swear by training in the morning, but you would probably find as many who prefer the evening. The truth is that consistency is more important than anything else.

If the mornings work better for you, stick to that time. Your body will get used to reaching peak performance around the same time every day, making your workouts more effective.

Sign up for events

Having something specific to set your sights on can help get you going. Rather than saying "I want to be a runner," put your money where your mouth is and sign up for a local fun run.

One event worth looking at is WellFest 2019, it isn’t a competitive event but more of a chance to get together with likeminded people and learn from the pros. It is a great target to set yourself, regardless of your starting fitness levels, and here's how you can register for it online.

Running from 11-12 May in Royal Hospital Kilmainham, it's Ireland's largest health, fitness & wellness festival attracted over 10,000 people over two days last year. This year, 150 of the best health & fitness experts from Ireland and beyond will be there to help you reach your goals.

Stay hydrated

Look, we're sure you've heard that one before. It can't really be cited enough, as it has more of an effect than you might think.

A glass of water can help stifle cravings, keeps your muscles from cramping up and stops your body from overheating. Even if you're eating all the right nutrients, not drinking enough water means it isn't being properly transferred through your system.

Alongside the Wellgood programme, KBC is also presenting partner at WellFest, Ireland's largest health, wellness and fitness event which will be bigger and better this year. Wellfest is about participation, feeling good and most importantly; having fun. Sign up for the event online today!

Brought to you by KBC Bank Ireland