Jason Momoa is in absolutely ridiculous shape and it's easy to see why 1 year ago

Jason Momoa is in absolutely ridiculous shape and it's easy to see why

A big unit...

He's probably best known for Game of Thrones where played the fearsome Khal Drogo, who bowed out of the show relatively early, but the memory of his character lives on.

Recently, he starred as Aquaman in the new Justice League movie, which in fairness to it, isn't as bad as you may have feared it would be.

But he's also known for his adventurous lifestyle which sees him regularly rock climbing and throwing axes while supping down pints of Guinness.

Now, he's in incredible shape for his role as Aquaman in a stand alone movie, but how exactly did he manage it? Well, there was always going to be a lot of working out involved, but also some rock climbing.

โ€œI worked around Jasonโ€™s social schedule and adapted the weight training to accommodate his desire to climb at the indoor rock gym 2-3 days per week,โ€ his trainer Mark Twight wrote for Menโ€™s Health.

"I would restrict solid carbohydrates unless needed to fuel a particularly intense day of training or recovery. I would observe, and count, and interview, and then have the chef adjust total calories and macros (protein, carbs, and fats) according to what was actually happening during the day or week. I call it โ€˜supervised freedom,โ€™โ€ Twight added.

We have to say, we think this type of rock climbing certainly helped him get so ripped...