If you're a man, you can use this phone device to test how strong your sperm is 8 months ago

If you're a man, you can use this phone device to test how strong your sperm is

Things are about to get messy...

Previously, we've talked about what men need to do to their bodies while trying to conceive and it was found that minding your weight, giving up the drink and eating more fruit was essential for boosting your chances of pregnancy.

Men might not know this but the minimum sperm count required to get your partner pregnant is 20 million+ sperm per millilitre.

Having a baby is possible even with a low sperm count and/or low motility but it will prove to be much more difficult.

Men are encouraged to check their sperm regularly so that if there is a problem, they can try and fix it immediately and this new home kit product might be able to help.

Too embarrassed to head into the doctors? Well, YO Home Sperm Kit is the first smartphone based test that examines motile sperm concentration (the number of moving sperm) on your phone as well as the ability to view and store a live video of your sperm and receive an automatic test result in under 3 minutes.

It has a 97% accuracy rate but, before you ask, no that's not the way you use it.


You collect a sample of sperm and mix with a vial of liquefying powder which makes it thicker. This is left for a couple of seconds and then you pop on the YO clip over the top of the phone.

There is a white slide which acts almost like a memory card for the YO clip. This slide contains a little red dot where a sample of the sperm should be placed.

The slide is then placed into the clip and before you know it, your sperm count will appear on your phone.

You can watch a demonstration of the kit in use below.

YO Home Sperm Test – Male Fertility Test for Your Swimmers

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