Video: Arnold Schwarzenegger goes undercover as a trainer at Gold's Gym 9 years ago

Video: Arnold Schwarzenegger goes undercover as a trainer at Gold's Gym

If there's one man that could motivate us to get that final rep in, it would be Arnie


As part of a campaign to raise money for After-School All-Stars, a program that provides tutoring, help and activities to keep kids of low-income families entertained and busy after school ends, Arnold Schwarzenegger teamed up with his good mates at Gold's Gym to prank a few of their members.

He dressed up in a pretty rubbish wig and moustache and pretended to be 'Howard', a fitness instructor at the gym who was there to help the members out, even though he wasn't too much help.

He did give out some pretty great motivational tips and some top class information, such as the moment when he explains that everything at the gym should be done in reps, even taking a break to get hydrated, reminding one particular member "we're not finished yet with the water drinking".

Arnold has been involved in After-School All-Stars for a long time, right back to their foundation in 1992, and it's something that he's clearly very passionate about. He gave the video its first screening in a Reddit AMA with fans, and told a few other good stories on there too, if you've got the time to check it out.


Suffice to say that this is Arnie's best performance in years, and there is definitely a movie in this somewhere.

Hat-tip to Jason Woodard on Facebook for sending this our way