Video: Bring some fun to your workouts with this seriously tough routine 9 years ago

Video: Bring some fun to your workouts with this seriously tough routine

One major thing to keep you motivated in the gym is finding exercises you enjoy


A few weeks back, we looked at an all over workout that would get you back into the gym and into the swing of things without leaving you unable to move the following day.

But, that was a few weeks ago, and you might find that even if you managed to get yourself to do it then, your desire might have slipped off again. One key element with making sure that you stay motivated to keep coming back and getting in every week is something that is often forgotten: fun.

Not every exercise is good craic, and not every part of a workout is enjoyable, but if you can find a few exercises that you really enjoy, for whatever reason, then make sure you make time for them. Whether you like them for how you feel afterwards, or you notice that your body reacts and you can see that you're progressing, or maybe it just clears your head and makes you feel great, you should find a few workouts that you know you will enjoy doing, which is what this workout is all about.

From tyre flipping to monkey bars, there's sure to be something that ticks the boxes for you, and along with our mates at Raw Condition Gyms in Dublin, we take a look at a few exercises that are fun, but you might not see every day.


Personal trainer Anthony Lynch works us through the various different exercises, from tyre flips to battle ropes, all of which will not only make you feel a bit like Rocky (we recommend listening to Bill Conti's 'Gonna Fly Know' while you do this workout) but they're also good fun as well as being challenging.

So the workout in full is:
Tyre flips x 4
Monkey Run x 2 lengths
Battle Ropes x 3 sets of 20 reps
Prowler (with 10kg either side) x 2 lengths

Keep an eye out for our the rest of the workout series for a few further tips on getting back into the swing of things this month, and keep up with the latest from Raw Condition Gym on their website or check out their Facebook page and their Twitter too where they'll soon have a blog starting about two average JOEs looking to transform themselves over the space of eight weeks.