Video: How to get ripped like Wolverine...part 3 7 years ago

Video: How to get ripped like Wolverine...part 3

We're not finished yet with our look at how Hugh Jackman got in Wolverine shape for the new movie, as we look at the last station in our circuit

Hugh Jackman put in a mammoth effort to get into Wolverine shape for the latest movie, and with the help of the lads at Raw Condition Gym in Dublin and personal trainer Anthony Lynch, we take a look at how he did it.

This is the third and final stage of a series of workouts (you can checkout part one and part two by clicking on the links) that form one hugely intense circuit.

In between each step in the circuit, it's important to do a form of active recovery for two minutes to catch your breath but not let your heart rate drop, so when you finish part one, hop on the treadmill for two minutes, when you're done with part two, jump on the rower for two minutes, and when you finish this part, throw on the gloves and hit the punch bag for two minutes. The key here is to mix it up with the recovery and keep the body guessing.

You should do 12 reps of each exercise across all parts of the workout, and repeat the circuit three times. Trust us, you'll feel it.

Of course, one of the key things will be nutrition, which Anthony points out needs to be a huge part of this plan. As this was the cutting stage of Jackman's routine, he would also cut down on the amount of calories that he was taking in. While he was trying to gain weight, he was looking to get 6,000 calories a day, but that figure should be cut in half at this stage in the game.

Also key will be timing, when you eat and what you eat. You should aim to get your carbohydrates and your training out of the way in the morning, so for breakfast have some scrambled eggs, 2-3 whites and one whole egg. Afterwards, go training, and when you comeback, have some porridge to satsify that hunger. Lunch should be lean protein with leafy vegetables, chicken and broccoli for example or tuna salad, and the same should be done for dinner, perhaps having salmon and vegetables as a variation if you like. In between, try to get a high protein snack in which can be done in the form of a shake, but ideally aim for fresh and nutrient rich food. You should be aiming to break your food intake down into 5-6 meals a day.

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