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16th Mar 2015

Video: Strongman deadlifts world-record 462kg; leaves Arnold Schwarzenegger hanging for a high-five

Don’t worry Arnie, we’re sure he’ll be back

Conor Heneghan

Don’t worry Arnie, we’re sure he’ll be back.

If you’re going to celebrate a weightlifting world record, we can’t think of too many better people to celebrate it with than Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

It would be akin to scoring the winner in a World Cup final and bumping chests with Lionel Messi afterwards.

English strongman Eddie Hall understandably got a little carried away after breaking the world record with a 462kg (approximately 73 stone!) deadlift at the Arnold Classic Australia 2015 event recently.

So carried away did he get, in fact, that he left Arnie hanging when he went for a high-five, only for Arnie to immediately recover in textbook fashion by turning it into a thumbs-up instead.

Arnie didn’t seem to mind anyway, he even put the video on his Facebook page.

In fairness, would you take issue with a man who can deadlift a frankly obscene weight like that?

We didn’t think so.

Video via YouTube/El Patzel

Hat-tip to Ben Kenyon for the heads up on this one

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