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We sent our man Eric Lalor to try it out...

Eric has tried quitting the cigarettes before.

In fact, he wrote some diary pieces about it over a year ago, but by his own admission, a stag trip to Amsterdam was never going to end well and he found himself back on the smokes after managing to stay off them for 14 weeks.

He's determined to quit again and this time he was going to try something a little bit unconventional. Eric is going under hypnosis to see if this will help him quit the smokes once and for all.

Here's how he got on when he went out to Blackrock to see renowned hypnotist, Jason O'Callaghan...

Time will tell whether Eric can stay off them, but as he said himself, no matter how much assistance you get, you still need to want to quit and still need to have the willpower.


Plus, he doesn't plan on visting Amsterdam any time soon, so he's given himself a big chance.

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