There is a $100 million prize pool for Fortnite players in 2019 4 years ago

There is a $100 million prize pool for Fortnite players in 2019

Think you're good enough to enter?

Like it or not, playing video games is a possible way to make some really good money.


Remember we wrote about that guy from Athlone who plays video games for a living on YouTube and he is now on Forbes Rich List? Exactly.

Well, there are even more reasons to spend your every waking minute playing video games.

Around one hundred million reasons, to be precise

Epic, the folks behind Fortnite, have released the details of their upcoming World Cup and the $100,000,000 competitive prize pool for 2019.


It will kick off with ten weekly Online Open qualifiers, while will be running from Satuday 13 April to Sunday 16 June.

Each week there will be $1,000,000 put on the line for Fortnite players to win, within the restrictions that you're actually legally allowed to play in the first place, so check their full list of rules of eligibility here.

From there, the top 100 Solo players and the top 50 Duos teams from around the world will head to the Fortnite World Cup Finals in New York City from Friday 26 to Sunday 28 July, with a total of $30,000,000 prize pool up for grabs.

Each one of the finalists will be guaranteed at least $50,000, while the Fortnite World Cup Solo Champion will walk away with $3,000,000!


On top of that, Epic will continue to award $1,000,000 in cash tournaments weekly through the end of this year, meaning that by the end of 2019, they will have put up $100,000,000 in pooled prize money for players of the game.

So if you're not good, get good, and then get money!

In case you're wondering what to expect, here is a 20+ minute full Battle Royale match to enjoy/endure:


Clip via IGN