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26th Nov 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Creator of Doom signals major announcement on the game’s 25th anniversary next month

Rory Cashin


Time to get excited…

Over the weekend, the Dublin Games Festival took place in the RDS, with thousands of fans descending on the capital to play and watch and discuss new and classic video games.

One of the guests of honour was John Romero, the legendary creator of Doom and Quake, and JOE was lucky enough to sit down with him for a nice long chat about those classic games, as well as a bigger conversation about the gaming industry at large right now.

That full interview will be up on JOE very soon, but before then, we can reveal what Romero said he was up to next:

“You’ll be hearing about that pretty soon! There is a cool- I’m working with an amazing musician, and a… thing… that I’m almost finished working on will be announced pretty soon.”

We needed some clarification, so we had to ask what he meant by ‘a thing’, to which he laughed and simply repeated “Yeah, a thing. That I’ve made.”

Could he say when this thing will be announced at least? “It will be announced… probably on Doom’s birthday.”

Doom was first released on 10 December 1993, which will make it 25 years old in just two weeks’ time.

So come Monday 10 December this year, keep a close eye out for Romero’s announcement.