Madden NFL 24 will make you an American football fan 1 month ago

Madden NFL 24 will make you an American football fan

Can't tell a tight end from a tackle guard? No need to worry.

On its surface, American football is a deeply complicated game. It can feel intimidating to engage with a sport that has such a deep involvement with stats and figures about every aspect of its playing. This daunting feeling may have crept in before for players as well who felt they couldn't get into the Madden NFL series, a juggernaut of sports gaming which has sold over 130 million units since the first release.


Good news; Madden NFL 24 has made it easier to become a well-oiled player, and in tandem, become a fan of the sport. The Training Camp feature lets new players learn the game, understand options for plays, and try out advanced techniques like pocket presence and user coverage. Completing these trials unlocks packs for Ultimate Team, meaning there are major benefits in store for new players and old honing their skills.

The gameplay, however, is the most important detail. While looking at plays and strategies while under time can feel overwhelming, color-coordinated lines and button prompts make turning ideas into touchdowns a simple affair. Skill Based Passing 2.0 allows players to fine-tune their effectiveness on the pitch, and add an extra degree of pressure for those potential game-winning plays. Couch co-op is a lot of fun too, with players able to bluff their friends with fake plays on screen to throw off the scent of the real plan.


Franchise Mode is a personal standout, which puts players in the shoes (cleats?) of both players and management. Strategising with coaching staff, managing contracts, and scouting the next NFL superstar is a rewarding challenge, and you can choose to play the full game, just offense or defence, or play the main moments of the game to be a difference maker in the most high-pressure of situations.

If you're curious about American football, or looking for a new sports game to scratch that competitive itch, Madden NFL 24 will satisfy. The game is available for €74.99 on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC via the EA app for Windows, Origin, Steam and the Epic Games Store and Mobile.

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