Netflix has added an absolutely incredible fighting game for free 4 weeks ago

Netflix has added an absolutely incredible fighting game for free

Yep, you can play the game for free on Netflix right now.

As more and more games become available via Netflix, the latest addition - Samurai Shodown - has immediately got our attention, simply by looking really, really cool.


While there are about 70 games already available to play on mobile via Netflix, and the streaming service has begun streaming games via your TV for certain subscribers (more on that here), this new game addition looks like it is absolutely perfect to play while on your morning commute to work/college/school etc.

If you are already a Netflix subscriber, then all you need to do is go to the Netflix mobile app, go the Games section, choose Samurai Shodown and download the game for free. You'll then be able to control the game quite easily using touch screen instructions on your mobile device itself.

Samurai Shodown has a huge amount of characters to choose from


As per the press release for the game's Netflix launch: "Joining the fray as well are 11 DLC characters from the console/PC version, for a total playable roster of 27 fighters. Samurai Shodown for Netflix features simple controls (perfect for mobile play on the go) and an online battle mode to boot. It is available exclusively for Netflix members."

Originally released on PS4, PC and Xbox One, the game was nominated for Best Fighting Game at the Game Awards, and even took home the best fighting game trophy at NAVGTR Awards. Additionally, gaming critics absolutely love it:

Edge Magazine - "Take it slow, keep an eye on those health bars, and you'll find a fighting game that offers a thrill that few others can - with nary a 20-hit combo in sight."

DualShockers - "Samurai Shodown is one of the best and most unique fighting games this generation, hands down."


The Escapist - "Samurai Shodown is a pristine work of fighting game clarity."

Samurai Shodown is available right now via Netflix for Android and iOS devices.

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