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17th Sep 2020

PlayStation 5 prices and release date announced

Rudi Kinsella

PlayStation 5

Gamers! It’s time to start getting excited.

One of the most highly-anticipated game consoles in recent memory finally has a release date.

Sony has announced that the PlayStation 5 will be out in Ireland on 19 November, seven years after the release of the PS4.

The standard edition PS5 will be selling at €499, while the Digital Edition (which won’t be able to play physical discs, only games you actually download to the console) will be retailing at €399 in Ireland.

A number of stores across the country already have a pre-order system open, with certain stores seemingly having sold out in a matter of hours.

In a press release shared on Wednesday night, Sony said: “Both PS5 models use the same custom processor with integrated CPU and GPU for high-fidelity visuals, including 4K graphics and ray-tracing support, as well as the same ultra-high-speed SSD with integrated I/O for lightning-fast loading.

“The PS5’s 3D audio and the DualSense Wireless Controller will also provide the same heightened sense of immersion on all PS5s.

“This year has been unlike any other, and there have been many challenges the world has faced. Everyone at PlayStation, along with all of our partners in development, publishing, technology, and retail, have devoted a lot of effort to launch PlayStation 5 in time for the holiday season.”

Roll on 19 November, and get ready to call work and tell them you’re going to be sick that day…