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27th Oct 2023

Spider-Man 2 creators on game ending, post-credits and Spider-Man 3 hints

Rory Cashin

Spider-Man 2

We are absolutely PSYCHED for what they’ve got lined up for us next…

Spoilers ahead for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

If you’re anything like us, then you’ve spent the last week playing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 non-stop since its release, attempting to find every hint and clue as to what might be next in the massively popular video game series.

Presuming you’re reading this because you got to the end of the main campaign, then you know that Harry Osborne is back in a coma after being separated from the Venom symbiote, and in an act of desperation, his father Norman Osborne makes a call to begin testing the G-Serum.

Additionally, blaming both of the Spider-Men for the harm that has befallen his son, Norman makes a trip to The Raft, where he has a tête-à-tête with an incarcerated Otto Octavius. When Norman notices Otto is working on something in a private journal he asks, “What are you writing?” To which Otto answers, “The final chapter.” Ominous.

In a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Senior Creative Director Bryan Intihar had this to say about what to expect from Spider-Man 3:

“We’ve literally discussed Green Goblin at every game. The fact that you’re even bringing up the question shows you how popular that character is. If you bring him in, it’s kind of like Venom. There are very, very big expectations. So, you want to make sure if you’re going to do it, you’re going to deliver on it.”

Additionally, Senior Narrative Director Jon Paquette had this to say about what the post-credits scene implies:

“From the tease at the end of the first game, we knew we wanted [Marvel’s Spider-Man 2] to be a story about Venom. We realised we needed that ending to be about Peter and Harry and Miles and MJ. That felt like a great setup for maybe a future appearance of the Green Goblin.

“If you really think about Norman Osborn from the last three games, he’s done a lot to hurt the city, but he’s doing it all for the love of his son. At the end of this game, his son is now ostensibly taken away from him. So, we felt like we had a really good setup there to potentially kick off another story, if we ever decide to do something else with that character.”

Before then though, this same production team will be giving us a standalone Wolverine game, which has been confirmed to be in the same narrative world as their Spider-Man series.

The new Wolverine game will be in the same gaming universe as Spider-Man 2

Paquette had this to say about the upcoming Wolverine game: “We did want to make sure that there was at least a nod, to make sure that we were setting up this 1048 universe and doing it justice. We don’t want to put anything in front of the Wolverine team that would make it more difficult for them paint themselves into a corner. We just want them to be able to make the story and the game that they want to make.”

Intihar added: “For us, the most important thing right now is to make sure that game doesn’t have to talk about the Spider-verse in our games, making sure there’s no obstacles or roadblocks they have to think extra about. We just want to support them so that they can make the best Wolverine game possible. The things I’ve seen, they’re well on their way. I’m very excited to see how that comes out.”

Spider-Man 2 is available exclusively on PlayStation 5 right now.

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