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15th Nov 2023

Irish woman horrified after receiving €2,200 bill for one cocktail

Charlie Herbert

‘I showed my husband the receipt and he was furious at me.’

An Irish woman was left horrified after she was handed a bill of almost £2,000 for one cocktail at a hotel bar in London.

Lynsey Bennett was visiting the UK capital with her husband, with the couple staying at a fancy five-star hotel.

She decided to treat herself to a cocktail at the hotel bar one evening but was shocked to her core when she was handed a £1,890 bill for the drink.

To make matters worse, she hadn’t enjoyed the tipple that much. In a TikTok video, Lynsey explained how the ordeal had happened.

@lynsey_36 ✨I cringe every time I think about it ?? #embarrassing #funny #fyp ♬ original sound – Lynsey

Irish woman horrified after receiving €2,300 bill for one cocktail.

In a later clip, she revealed what the aftermath was.

She said: “When I discovered the cocktail I had ordered was £2,000, I showed my husband the receipt and he was furious at me.

“So he left the bar. Left me on my own to deal with it. And I said to the young guy behind the bar, ‘Look I’m so sorry, I had no idea it was £1,890.”

Lynsey explained that a confusing menu layout was to blame for the error. Instead of putting a comma in the number to make it clear, it was in the thousands like most places would, a space was used instead.

So, on the menu, the number looked like this: 18 90. Understandably, Lynsey assumed this was £18.90, and not £1,890 (€2,166).

On second glance, she did notice that some prices had a full stop in them, but it’s still easy to see how the mistake was made.

Lynsey went up to the bar to explain to the bartender – who was relatively new to the job – that there was no way she could pay the four-figure bill, causing both of them to panic.

When the manager turned up, he reassured Lynsey that it would all be sorted, encouraging her to go back to her room and enjoy the rest of her stay.

@lynsey_36 Replying to @Caroline? ♬ original sound – Lynsey

Despite this, she said the next four days were pretty awkward as she tried to avoid the bar.

She had nothing to worry about though, as when she did eventually return the manager welcomed her with open arms.

Lynsey asked what happened to the bartender, and after joking that he’d been sacked – which caused Lynsey even more upset – the manager revealed the member of staff had simply been sent for some retraining as he should have made it clearer to her what the price of the drink was.

A handy reminder then to always read the menu very carefully – especially if you’re in a swanky five-star establishment.

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