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29th Aug 2023

David Attenborough to return with new TV series at 97 years old

Joseph Loftus

David Attenborough new show

‘Planet Earth wouldn’t be Planet Earth without David’

At 97 years old, David Attenborough is back and better than ever!

The legend of TV is now approaching his seventh decade of broadcast after first appearing on our screens back in 1954.

He’s only three years away from his 100th birthday, but Attenborough isn’t going anywhere as he has now been confirmed as the presenter of BBC’s Planet Earth III.

The news comes 15 years after Attenborough first narrated the original series followed by its sequel in 2016.

The third instalment was commissioned in 2019 however it was delayed due to the covid outbreak.

Now, the broadcaster claims the show has started filming and according to reports, Attenborough has began narrating.

Image via Getty

David Attenborough show Our Planet returning for new series

Executive producer, Mike Gunton, said: “Planet Earth wouldn’t be Planet Earth without David Attenborough, so I’m delighted he is presenting the third series.

“As ever, he has brought his huge enthusiasm and wisdom, has been encouraging about our new perspective and has, I know, really enjoyed seeing the extraordinary new wonders brought to the screen.”

Gunton also explained that the opening scenes of the series were filmed “in the beautiful British countryside in exactly the location where Charles Darwin used to walk whilst thinking over his Earth-shaking ideas about evolution”.

He added: “It seemed the perfect place for David to introduce Planet Earth III and remind us of both the wonders and the fragility of our planet. For him, of course, the sun shone under blue skies …one of the only days it did all summer!”

Planet Earth III is made up of eight episodes. The first seven episodes reveal the amazing ways in which animals have evolved over time. However it is the eighth and final episode which sets this season apart from the rest.

The eighth episode is about human beings, in particular the human beings who work to try and save animals from going extinct.

We can’t wait for this.

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