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15th Oct 2023

People ‘terrified’ after GoPro under cruise ship shows what’s underneath

Callum Boyle

underneath ship


A Greek photographer has terrified people after he dropped his GoPro underneath a cruise ship, revealing what goes on underneath.

Odysseas Froilan initially shared his footage to his YouTube channel in November 2021 and the clip has so far amassed more than 5.3m views.

Froilan doesn’t give away much about where filmed the footage and there is no indication as to whereabouts in the ocean he may have dropped the GoPro.

After lowering his camera into the water, viewers were happy to see fish swimming about, looking confused by the object that had come into their area.

But as the photographer went further down, a darker truth was unveiled.

GoPro reveals what lies underneath cruise ship

In the night-time footage, glimpses of sharks were caught on camera, with one even coming up close towards the GoPro before swimming off quickly after coming into contact with the night light.

Just moments later another shark, which was even bigger, swam past and seemingly looked unfazed on camera.

The discovery left plenty of people in the comments fearing the worst. One person said: “The way I went from kicking my feet in the air at the cute fishies and thinking ‘maybe the ocean isn’t so scary after all’ in the day footage to blankly staring, terrified, at the night footage, further confirming my intense fear of the ocean.”

Others meanwhile said it had helped them to reinforce their decision not to swim in the ocean.

“For years I wondered why there were pools on a cruise ship when there was this great big body of water to swim in. It’s videos like this that make me realise the importance of swimming in chlorine water,” said one person.

Another commented: “I would just like to point out the difference in marine life depending on the time of day. If you ever find yourself on a cruise, do not take a bet and jump into the ocean at night, most sharks are nocturnal hunters and they are basically just waiting for you.”

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