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11th Oct 2023

Firefighters called after three Irish women fall off cliff in Portugal

Stephen Porzio


The women are said to be aged 29, 41 and 60.

Emergency services had to be called after three Irish women fell from a cliff in Portugal, according to reports.

Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manhã states that firefighters in Albufeira received an alert at around 1.45am on Tuesday morning (10 October) regarding three women trapped in a ravine.

The paper reports that one of the women sat on the edge of the cliff while intoxicated before slipping.

According to Correio da Manhã, the other two tried to help the intoxicated woman but that they wound up falling as well, leading to the trio becoming trapped in a bank.


The incident is said to have occurred in Albufeira in Portugal

The outlet states that, in response, the Albufeira Fire Department mobilised four vehicles and a high-angle rescue team, while the GNR (National Republican Guard) and the Maritime Police were also called to the scene.

The women were subsequently rescued, with the newspaper reporting that the trio are of Irish nationality and aged 29, 41 and 60.

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