Irish actor lambasts Eve Hewson for portrayal of inner city Dublin mother in new movie 1 month ago

Irish actor lambasts Eve Hewson for portrayal of inner city Dublin mother in new movie

While Hewson's performance in Flora and Son has garnered a ton of acclaim, Joe McGucken has dubbed it "borderline offensive".

Irish actor and comedian Joe McGucken has slated Eve Hewson's performance in the new Irish comedy-drama Flora and Son as "shocking, out-dated and out of touch".


Now available to watch in Irish cinemas and on Apple TV+, the movie sees the actress play Flora, a working class single mother in Dublin who is at a loss about what to do with her teenage son, Max (newcomer Orén Kinlan), after he has a run-in with the Gardaí.

Encouraged to find her son a hobby, she finds an old guitar in a skip and comes to believe music may be the answer. As such, Flora seeks out the services of an LA-based online guitar teacher (Joseph Gordon-Levitt).

Flora and Son has been garnering incredible responses internationally - something JOE discussed with its writer-director Carney (who also made Once and Sing Street) in an interview ahead of its release. The film currently holds a 93% Rotten Tomatoes score.


In particular, Hewson's performance has been singled out for praise, with The New York Times writing that the actress displays "extraordinary charisma" in the movie.

That said, McGucken - best known for starring in the comedy series Darren and Joe's Free Gaff - took to Twitter to criticise Hewson's work in the film, stating:

"There's something very uncomfortable about watching Bono's daughter playing a working class, single mother, from the flats, in her new film Flora and Son.

"I know its made to tailor to an American audience, but my god. It's a shocking, out-dated, out of touch performance!

"It's borderline offensive. A caricature of the working class without the humour. Exacerbated by co-star Jack Reynor. (Who you know is definitely working class because, yeno... he wears a chain).

"The only saving grace for this film was Oren Kinlan. The only actor that looked comfortable on screen throughout the whole thing."


Irish actor lambasts Eve Hewson for portrayal of inner city Dublin mother in new movie

McGucken's remarks sparked a strong reaction with many commenting on his posts to defend Eve Hewson.

Some praised her work in Flora and Son and her previous projects like Bad Sisters and The Knick and said it was reductive of her talents to describe her as "Bono's daughter".


Whereas many others pondered whether the actress' background should matter if she is acting out a role.

One user commented: "It's called acting. She's an actor. That's what they do," to which McGucken replied: "It's called bad acting."

Meanwhile, the father of one of the movie's stars Orén Kinlan - Love/Hate actor Laurence Kinlan - also came to Eve Hewson's defence by writing:

"A piss poor take on it from you Joe. She’s absolutely brilliant! Are people from the flats only allowed play people from the flats?? A shocking out-dated, out of touch performance” It’s called ACTING. Do you know how many people “from the flats’’ were in Love/Hate?"

In response, McGucken said: "Nothing to do with her being from the flats or not. It's objectively not a good performance. It's a crass, tasteless, over-acted, ham fisted performance. I like her in Bad Sisters though. I understand it's hard for you to see it objectively for obvious reasons."


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