Silent Night brings back one of the best action directors of all time 2 months ago

Silent Night brings back one of the best action directors of all time

The new movie could be coming for Die Hard's Christmas action movie crown!

Upcoming movie Silent Night is bringing back legendary action director John Woo to Hollywood. If you don't know Woo, then you definitely know his movies. He made his name in Hong Kong with epic action epics such as Hard Boiled, A Better Tomorrow and Bullet To The Head.


He debuted in Hollywood with one of Jean-Claude Van Damme's best outings, Hard Target, and then followed that up with Broken Arrow and Face/Off, two of the most purely entertaining movies of the 1990s.

Unfortunately, he had a string of not-great movies follow that up - series nadir Mission: Impossible 2, odd Nic Cage war film Windtalkers, dull Ben Affleck sci-fi Paycheck - so Woo returned to China where has has made six projects since 2008.

But now he's back with Silent Night, produced by the guy behind John Wick, and comes with a heck of a hook: the film will apparently be entirely dialogue free. Check out the newly launched trailer right here:


The Silent Night trailer is absolutely riddled with action

The official plot synopsis for Silent Night is as follows: "A grieving father (Joel Kinnaman) enacts his long-awaited revenge against a ruthless gang on Christmas Eve." Joining Kinnaman (The Suicide Squad) on screen are Scott Mescudi (better known by his musical alter ego, Kid Cudi), and Oscar nominee Catalina Sandino Moreno (Maria Full Of Grace)

Silent Night does not yet have a confirmed release date for Ireland and the UK, but it should arrive relatively close to its US release date of 1 December.


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