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11th Oct 2023

RTÉ’s Chief Financial Officer has resigned, says broadcaster

Stephen Porzio

chief financial officer

The resigning CFO made headlines earlier this year when he revealed he did not know his ‘exact salary’.

Richard Collins – the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for RTÉ – has resigned, according to the broadcaster.

On Wednesday afternoon (11 October) RTÉ’s Director General (DG) Kevin Bakhurst informed staff of Collins tendering his resignation, RTÉ News reports.

The outlet states that Collins “will work on a handover” and that RTÉ is in the “process of identifying a replacement CFO”.

It also reports that Bakhurst is meeting staff to “update them on developments” within the broadcaster and that the DG has informed workers that while RTÉ will be a “smaller organisation”, there will be no compulsory redundancies.

Collins’ resignation follows the much-publicised RTÉ secret payments scandal that broke in June 2023 and its subsequent fallout.

While appearing before a Public Accounts Committee (PAC) earlier this year to answer questions regarding the scandal, the resigning CFO made headlines when he revealed he did not know his “exact salary”.

@joedotie “This is absolutely outrageous!” ? RTÉ’s Chief Financial Officer Richard Collins raised eyebrows and tempers this evening when he revealed he’s not even sure what his own salary is ? #fyp #irish #news #rte #ryantubridy ♬ original sound –

RTÉ’s Chief Financial Officer Richard Collins has resigned

At the PAC meeting, which took place on 29 June, Collins was asked by Sinn Féin TD John Brady how much he is paid as RTÉ’s Chief Financial Officer.

“I think that’s a private matter,” Collins responded after a moment of hesitation, before then adding: “I think we’re going to disclose our earnings.”

After being pressed to answer the question by committee chair Brian Stanley, Collins eventually admitted: “I don’t know what my exact salary is off the top of my head,” leading Fianna Fáil TD James O’Connor to state: “That’s absolutely outrageous. Chief Financial Officer of RTÉ can’t tell us what he’s paid.”

Collins then said he believed that his salary is around €200,000, with an added car allowance of €25,000.

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