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09th Nov 2023

The 2023 John Lewis Christmas ad is here and everyone’s in tears

Joseph Loftus

John Lewis

It’s finally here.

The 2023 John Lewis Christmas advert has been released and the ad is all about celebrating the joy in changing traditions.

The advert starts with a young lad at what appears to be a car boot sale where he stumbles upon a “grow your own Christmas tree” pack.

The lad takes a lot of care and effort into making sure he grows the perfect Christmas tree but when said tree grows it doesn’t resemble a Christmas tree at all but rather a ginormous human Venus Flytrap.

Our young protagonist and his six-foot Venus Flytrap become best buds on the build-up to Christmas but just before the big day, the lad’s family drag the Venus Flytrap out to the wintery garden and replaces him with a traditional Christmas tree.

Cue the tears.

The 2023 John Lewis Christmas ad is here and everyone’s in tears.

When Christmas morning finally arrives, our youngster doesn’t want to spend it with his family, but with his best mate the flytrap, and so he rushes outside to say hello.

But like all things good and Christmassy, all ends with happiness, as they finally accept the Venus Flytrap for who he is: a mischievous human-esque plant.

The advert is soundtracked by a song called Festa, which means celebration, by Italian electro-pop duo Le Feste Antonacci and performed by Andrea Bocelli.

Speaking about his role in the advert, Bocelli said: “I am delighted to take part in this wonderful and unique tradition of Christmas storytelling.

“It is very special for me given the great support this will bring to both the John Lewis and Andrea Bocelli foundations. Joy to all of your worlds this Christmas!”

John Lewis customer director Charlotte Lock explained: “We are a nation that loves the traditions of Christmas – from classic traditions like pantos and putting up the tree to evolving new ones like crafting our own presents and Zoom get-togethers.

“Many of us have our own unique festive traditions and that makes them even more special.

“The film celebrates themes of family and evolving traditions, and shows that a ‘perfect’ Christmas is finding joy together with loved ones, whatever your traditions.”

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