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06th Nov 2023

Matthew Perry cut scene that would’ve completely changed Friends

Rory Cashin


We can’t imagine Chandler ever doing this…

Last week, we wrote about the Chandler scene that Matthew Perry had cut from the show, simply because he didn’t think it was all that funny, which is fair enough.

However, reports have arisen of another scene that Perry had cut from the show, which we think was absolutely the right call, as it would have completely changed the course of Friends as we know it, and probably would’ve had fans completely hate Chandler Bing from that point onwards.

The scene was set to take place in the penultimate episode of the fifth season, titled The One In Vegas: Part One, in which the gang all fly to Las Vegas so Chandler can chat to Joey directly about an argument they had over the phone.

During the episode, Phoebe accidentally reveals to Chandler that Monica had met up with her ex-boyfriend Richard, which leads to a huge argument between Chandler and Monica. In the episode we saw, following the argument, Monica heads to the casino floor and gets distracted from her impending apology by a successful run on the craps table.

However, speaking to TMZ, actress Lisa Cash reveals that she was originally hired to play a hotel employee who delivers room service to Chandler’s room after Monica had left for the casino. Chandler and Lisa’s character end up getting on so well that Chandler cheats on Monica with her.

Cash stated: “I was told that [Perry] went to the writers and said the audience will never forgive him for cheating on Monica, which he was probably right. That would have changed possibly the course of the show and his character.”

With that scene completely cut, Cash was kept on in the cast for the episode, except now she was playing an air steward in a scene with Ross and Rachel:

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