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10th Oct 2023

The Reckoning viewers left feeling ‘sick’ by Steve Coogan’s ‘skin-crawling’ portrayal of Jimmy Savile

Charlie Herbert

steve coogan

Steve Coogan’s “skin-crawlingly creepy” performance has been described as BAFTA-worthy.

Several viewers of new drama series The Reckoning have said they were left ‘feeling sick’ after watching Steve Coogan’s portrayal of Jimmy Savile.

Last night (9 October), the first episode of the four-part show aired on BBC One. The series looks at the life and crimes of Savile, who was found out to be one of the most notorious paedophiles and sex offenders in UK history after his death in 2011.

The series stars Coogan as the disgraced DJ and Top of the Pops presenter, a role the actor discussed with JOE when we interviewed him last year.

Viewers left feeling ‘sick’ by Steve Coogan’s Jimmy Savile portrayal

And after watching the first episode, many were left stunned by how scarily accurate the Alan Partridge star’s portrayal of Savile was.

In a post on Twitter, one person said: “Steve Coogan has delivered the acting performance of the year in The Reckoning.

“His Savile is skin-crawlingly creepy, note perfect in sound and gesture and totally believable. A genuinely extraordinary tour de force. BAFTA incoming, surely.”

Another praised the actor for his “sensational delivery of Jimmy Savile’s odd ticks and subterfuge,” adding that it was “important to see victims’ stories sensitively told.”

Someone else echoed this, writing: “Steve Coogan is absolutely excellent in The Reckoning. The mannerisms, voice and acting is all just as skin-crawling and vile as it needs to be.

“Excellently written and acted, in exactly the right tone. I’d advise anyone to watch it.”

A fourth said: “Coogan’s portrayal is dark, toe curling and absolutely sickening,” whilst another said they were “in awe of Steve Coogan’s ability to make us all feel sick to our stomachs by bringing this monster to life.”

Many more agreed, describing Coogan’s portrayal of Savile as a “hugely impressive feat”, “alarmingly accurate” and “simply extraordinary.”

For some though, Coogan’s depiction of Savile seemed to be too accurate and they had to switch off due to how uncomfortable it made them feel.

One person wrote: “I’ve stopped watching. It’s not that it’s bad. I just feel so damn uncomfortable. It’s a difficult watch.”

The second episode of The Reckoning airs on BBC One at 9pm tonight (10 October).

You can watch Coogan speak about the show below.

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