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Brought to you by PlayStation

Christmas parties will never be the same again.

There's nothing like a bit of gaming when you have a few friends around. It doesn't matter if it's a Saturday night or a festive celebration over the Christmas holidays. The only downside is waiting for your turn to play because there aren't enough controllers.

Well, that's about to change forever thanks to an innovative new gaming device for the PS4. The beauty of the new PlayLink range of games is that they allow you to use a phone or a tablet to play games with your friends. Playing video games using your smartphone - It's a brave new world of swishing, tilting and swiping!

The games for the PlayLink are also designed for social playing and for getting as many people as possible involved. Forget the way you've played games before. This is all about letting a gang of friends join in without having to argue over controllers, call dibs on the next game or resort to rock, paper, scissors. And the games for PlayLink include everything from quizzes to sing-offs to crime thrillers.


To celebrate the launch of PlayLink, we have an incredible prize up for grabs. One lucky winner will win an amazing gaming set up from PlayStation. You could win a PS4 Pro console, a range of PlayLink games plus a PSVR headset, a PS camera and PSVR games.

Combining your smartphone, TV and PlayStation 4, PlayLink for PS4 is an exciting new way to play. PlayLink for PS4 games start from €19.99 each and available from stockists nationwide.

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Brought to you by PlayStation. 

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