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29th Mar 2019

Hungry? We have 25 vouchers to give away for Boojum’s new Quesadillas


Brought to you by Boojum

Fancy the chance to try out their latest delicious addition for free?

We reckon it’s the simplicity of Mexican food that makes it so damn satisfying. Once you’ve got some rice, meat, beans and salsa, you’re on the right road.

Now that Boojum are serving up Quesadillas exclusively via Deliveroo (as well as Churros, FYI) they want to make sure everybody gets a taste. If you answer the simple question below, you’ll be in with a chance of winning one of our 25 €17 Quesadillas by Boojum vouchers that you can redeem on Deliveroo.

Tap here to get your fully loaded quesadilla delivered now!

If you aren’t familiar with quesadillas, they are every bit as addictive as burritos, and as easy to share as a pizza (if not more so). The freshest ingredients are packed between two soft tortillas, topped with delicious cheese and toasted to give you that extra satisfying crunch.

Just like burritos, they’re perfect for just about every occasion. Whether you’re chilling at home, looking for a quick lunch at work or trying to feed a group of hungry mates, a quesadilla is your only man!

Hungry yet?

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Two folded tortillas, stuffed with the tastiest combination of authentic, fresh ingredients, fully loaded with cheese, a dusting of Boojum’s secret 7 spice blend and toasted to create an unreal flavour experience. Be warned, these bad boys are just as addictive as our burritos. Sorry, not sorry!

Brought to you by Boojum