Here are 5 of the best last-minute gifts in Kildare Village for your dad 1 year ago

Here are 5 of the best last-minute gifts in Kildare Village for your dad

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Did you leave the auld lad till the last minute?

In the madness of getting Christmas presents, it can be very easy to forget to do it altogether. Having already shown you some of the best gifts for her and gifts under €50, we want to help you find the right gifts for your dad.

Fear not, however, as you don't need to pay through the nose when you're getting things at the last minute. As you'll see with these special offers in Kildare Village, you aren't short of options.

Aquascutum Shirt - €125 (RRP €250)

You can't go wrong with a nice shirt.

Stylish and timeless, this smart shirt from Aquascutum is currently on offer at half price. It's something you'll know he'll get good use out of as well!

Reiss jumper - €80 (RRP €120)

Not only is this jumper from REISS as stylish as they come, but it's also incredibly comfortable.

Plus, it is currently on offer for €40 less than its original asking price.

Savoy Tailor's Guild scarf - €25 (RRP €42)

It was late February this year by the time the worst weather hit us, so we might be needing our winter clothes for quite a while yet.

At only €25, this lovely scarf will certainly be getting a lot of use.

Magee jumper - €69 (RRP €99)

Jumpers are just about the most reliant present to get your dad.

This one is on offer for €30 less than it would be elsewhere, so grab one before it's gone!

Asics runners - €98 (RRP €140)

January is a different animal to December. New Year's resolutions will be all the rage, so having the right gear is crucial.

These quality runners from Asics are perfect to put him on the right path for 2019. That said, they're just as comfortable for walking around the house.

With over 100 of the best stores and boutiques that you'd ever hope to find, Kildare Village is the perfect place to sort any last minute Christmas shopping. Not only that, but you can make huge savings on big name brands all year!

Brought to you by Kildare Village