9 types of shifting that most people will experience at some point 5 years ago

9 types of shifting that most people will experience at some point

You might know some of these?

It's the weekend which means that you might be out on the town or spending some time with your partner. Whatever you've got planned, the chances are that you're going to come across someone that you fancy shifting.


This got us thinking about some of those awkward, weird and memorable moments when you decide to lob the gob.

How many of these relate to you?

1) The not a fecking clue one

You're 10 years old and the only things that register in your world are family, school, football, TV and video games. A simpler time.

All of a sudden some girl asks you if you want to 'French'. Completely unaware of what this actually involves, but not wanting to seem like an idiot, you blindly agree and just like David Moyes' tenure at Man Utd, you have no idea what you're doing.

Ricky Bobby

2) Back of the shed one


You're now in secondary-school and in desperate need of something to distract you from the boredom of trigonometry.

If a girls school was located near your own one then you were in luck. Hands up if you were patiently waiting to chat-up one of those girls.


3) Crapping yourself one

There's a reason why alcohol precludes most of those moments when you're shifting a relative stranger for the first time.


Why? Well there's nothing more awkward than leaning the head in and getting the cheek or cold shoulder.

Pam Jim

4) Caught rapid one

It has happened to every single teenager at some point.


Did you ever find yourself being caught by a member of your family but if you were lucky, they might have let it slide. Then again, maybe they preferred to torture you with the fact that they now know this information.

Feck it, who cares?


5) Gropey one


It seems like there's more hands on display here than an octopus orgy. The third hand scene from this video always cracks me up.

6) Sucking face one

Not a pretty sight but it's usually seen on any dancefloor at 2.37am.


7) Leave me alone one

Have you ever been lying on the couch, watching TV and really interested in what's going on but your partner isn't? You're probably really involved in the match/show but like a cat that's looking for affection, they're constantly looking to get a quick peck.

The only way that you'll ever get some peace is by giving into their demands. This shift is usually delivered with less interest than an ADHD squirrel that has to sit the Leaving Cert.


8) Couldn't be arsed one

It's 3am, you're out on a Saturday and really couldn't be arsed. If they look even remotely good looking then you'll shift them.


9) Normal one

Hurray, you've learned from all of the above examples and you're now a regular Casanova.

Bond Kiss