Benedict Cumberbatch - the timeless, stylish fashion sleuth 11 years ago

Benedict Cumberbatch - the timeless, stylish fashion sleuth

He's a modern Sherlock Holmes for our testing times, yet BBC's Sherlock star Benedict Cumberhatch retains an effortlessly timeless style.

By Laura Anne Mooney


Recently described by The Sun as having ‘a face like a race-horse’, Cumberbatch not only laughs at this assessment but shares the same opinion. It was in a recent interview with Marie Claire that the modest actor agreed - ‘I’ve always said I’ve got an odd, long, horse-like face’.

That said, over the past few months this equestrian-resembling fellow has reached bone fide sex-symbol status.  Best known for his roles in Atonement and The Other Boleyn Girl, not forgetting TV dramas such as Hawking and Small, there was always a risk of the actor being typecast as the nerdy, drippy one.

Then along came Sherlock, the BBC’s modern remake of the Victorian classic. Featuring Cumberbatch as Sherlock and Martin Freeman (The Office) as his trusted J Watson, the success of the series took everyone, including the producer,  by surprise, pulling in a whopping 7.5 million viewers for its pilot episode.


Benedict makes it look easy once more in his Sherlock attire

Cumberbatch finds the new-found sex-symbol status the role has given him funny. Regarding Holmes’ character as ‘an asexual sociopath, dismissive of relationships’, perhaps it’s down to his treat-them-mean, keep-them-keen approach.  A big part of the attraction is down to Holmes’ sense of style. A style which is down to costume designer Sarah Arthur, with not a deerstalker in sight, Arthur questioned just how style-conscious the detective would be, and so chose ‘classic suits with a modern twist’.

Cumberbatch, who loves to loves to dress up in suits, has exclaiming that ‘style is one of life’s joys- it’s something to be celebrated’. The actor looks great at those dressed up occasions, with his dressed down, cocktail-worthy wardrobe choices perfect to emulate this coming season. The usual work-to-pub outfit just will not do!

The key is not to fret, keep it simple and stand tall… preferably not on a tables after availing of the six too many, before the free bar closes, all the while fashioning the tie-around-head look… never the most attractive.  There is also no need to don a full-on suit and tie - get festive and have fun.  The trick is to choose your items wisely. Like Cumberbatch fit a good quality shirt with a classic pair of trousers and dress shoes (remember the probability of your jacket being left draped over a chair is great, so do spend time picking the shirt that suits you best).


This relaxed cocktail look, is one that introduces a calm comfortable confidence. Using this as your starting point it is up to you whether the occasion calls for a tie or blazer. Adding that bit of flair as you may opt for a cravat draped over the lapel of your overcoat.

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There are plenty of shirt options to chose from, so do shop around, taking into account the fit (nothing too small i.e the buttons do not gape and that it tucks into the trousers of choice neatly) as this will help you avoid being self-conscious and pulling at your clothes.  Remember rocking an open collar on a nice shirt can be just as effective, if not more so, than a tie and shirt option.

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if you too were loving the Cumberbatch's Sherlock look during, the suits were from Spencer Hart, the shirts Dolce & Gobbana, and the coat (and what a coat!) is the Milford from Belstaff.