The secret code word some cabin crew use to signal that you’re attractive 1 month ago

The secret code word some cabin crew use to signal that you’re attractive

Keep an ear out for the next time you fly

Cabin crew allegedly use a secret code word to signal that one of the passengers on the flight is attractive.


In a Reddit thread asking flight attendants to provide secrets of the industry that we all may not know, a number of different words and phrases secret to us were revealed.

One example is if you ever hear ‘HR’ on the tannoy, it means that there is an extra passenger on board.

“A lot of freight gets shipped on commercial flights,” explained user 'Mr Miguez'.

“One of these items was always called HR on the radios. HR was an abbreviation for ‘Human Remains’.

“Some people die far away from where they want to get buried. They’re packed in wood-framed boxes, so you would never know what was inside except by the strange shape of them.”


Before that though, an anonymous cabin crew member revealed the codes used on UK plane staff forum – including one which is to signal to their colleagues that there is someone attractive on board.

Every time a cabin crew member spots an attractive passenger, they simply have to say: ‘Cheerio’.

This has to be said with a straight face and when the passengers are leaving the aircraft.

“There’s the cheerio game you can play when passengers disembark,” they explained.


“When you’re standing there going ‘buh-bye, thank you, take care’ etc when you see someone you fancy, you say ‘Cheerio.' You need to do it with a buddy and the challenge is to keep a straight face.”

We wonder if there is an Irish equivalent when we're disembarking flights...

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