Wardrobe essentials for everyone heading back to college this month 3 years ago

Wardrobe essentials for everyone heading back to college this month

We asked the menswear experts on how to make the best first impression on campus.

The best thing about going back to college is that it also coincides with the arrival of the colder months, so you have two reasons to start stocking up your wardrobe with new threads.


But in terms of what exactly you should be wearing on your arrival/return to college this year... well, what should you be getting?

It was a question we needed answered ourselves, so we went straight to the source to find out.

Alison Daly, the Menswear Buyer for Arnotts in Dublin, told JOE that some of the more old-school looks are making a comeback in a big way: "Jeans are a college staple as they are comfortable for the commute and for long lectures."

If you're wondering what type of jeans, then we've got some news for you. While skinny jeans are still very much a thing (more on those in a second), you'll be happy/horrified to hear that bootcut jeans are also back in fashion.


"The 90s fashion trend has opened up the idea of the Bootcut fit making a comeback.

"While Slim fit jeans are most definitely the first fit of choice, Irish men have a long-standing affiliation with the Bootcut fit – sales have no doubt dropped off over the past five to ten years as men opt for a neater leg opening but the Bootcut business in Ireland still remains solid."

However, if you are staying away from the wider legged jeans, then there is a very specific accessory that is recommended:

"Cardholders are also proving popular at the moment – and they are particularly convenient for those who like skinny jeans."


Now that you've got the bottom half sorted, it is time to look after the top half. So what should you be keeping an eye out for heading into the Autumn and Winter?

Dalys tells us the following: "Casual t-shirts with re-issued logos are proving popular at the moment, Levi’s and Tommy Hilfiger have good options for this 90’s feel. Batwing logo t-shirts are also a popular and affordable option at the moment."

So what else there?

Well, what else do you reckon you're going to need every day in college? Yep, a bag:


"Herschel bags are great for college as they have tech pockets for laptops, which is great for the commute and laptops are protected and they are also shower-proof, which is very practical in Ireland!"

College Bags

So we reckon that is enough to get you all started.

And don't forget to keep in mind all of the different types of folk you're going to run into when you arrive...