PIC: This is why you should always answer your phone when an Irish Mammy rings 5 years ago

PIC: This is why you should always answer your phone when an Irish Mammy rings

They've got a particular set of skills. And they will find you.

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: there is something uniquely special about Irish Mammies.


That mix of boundless love and the suffocating need to know where you are every minute of the day make them a powerful force to deal with, and if you try dodging them... even slightly... then you'd better be prepared for retaliation.

Which brings us to Eamon Fennell, who plays for St. Vincent's GAA club, as well as being a sports presenter on FM104.

On Tuesday evening he was invited on to the Official GAA's Facebook live feed to review the league this year, as well as preview the upcoming Dublin V Galway final.

Somewhere in the middle of prepping for the show, and actually being on the show, he must have missed a call from his Mammy, who apparently wanted to make sure that once he's done he'll be back home to walk the dog.


Not getting the answer she wanted, and knowing where he was at the time (like all Irish Mammies do), and being totally media savvy, Eamon's Mam took to Facebook to see her son chatting about GAA, and proceeded to... well... see for you yourself.

Yep, in the middle of his live show, she still wanted to make sure Eamon was going to walk the dog once he's done.


Maureeen Fennell, you are the perfect example of an Irish Mammy, and we're sure Eamon isn't going to miss a call from you again in a hurry.