Find out why is the new name for online takeaway in Ireland 6 years ago

Find out why is the new name for online takeaway in Ireland

Starvin? Get Marvin!

There's a new player in the online takeaway game, his name is Marvin and you can find him on


You probably don't need us to tell you that it's a market that's growing rapidly in Ireland, and sales of over €30m annually back that up.

To find out more about the new service, we sat down with's managing director James Galvin to chat about their plans here in Ireland.


" is what other companies in the market should be," was James' response when we asked how he would sell if he was standing in front of 200 strangers.

"I'm trying to build into a company that rewards customer loyalty and collaborates with business and that's where I think our rivals have fallen down."

James says starting the new site is a real challenge but he believe they can make an impact, "I was a mix of nervous and excited at the start but the nerves went away quickly when I went out and met people.

"The feedback from restaurants has been positive since we've been signing them up since February."



The reaction has been so positive because of's enthusiasm and lower 7% fee rather than 12% which is the rate used by their rivals. claim to offer more efficient delivery times by using Google Maps technology so you won't be waiting around wondering where they hell your food is and that will also help set a more accurate delivery price.

"The biggest gripe for people is delivery time, we learned that in our focus groups. Most people's frustration comes from being told an inaccurate delivery time," James said.



"Other online delivery services use a default of 45 minutes because that's the system they use. However, on our system, the restaurant can actually state exactly how long it's going to take.

"So, when the order comes in, they can tell how busy they are and how far the customer is away and then they can give an accurate delivery time.

"In our experience, we find people generally don't mind waiting once the food is delivered on the agreed time."



What makes Marvin so special for you though? Well, for customers it gives us a reward so if you order ten meals from your favourite takeaway, you'll get the 11th for free. is now live with over 250 restaurants, including Apache Pizza, Mizzoni's, Bombay Pantry & Camile Thai, up there already and they hope to have up to 600 all over Ireland by the end of the year.

The company currently employees 10 people and they project that will rise to 25-30 in the next three years., the new name for online takeaway in Ireland.