Five Minute DIY: Remove permanent marker stains with another marker  10 years ago

Five Minute DIY: Remove permanent marker stains with another marker

Have your kids recently tried to do their best Picasso on your walls with a permanent marker? Well fear not because you can just clean it off with a white board marker.

Have you ever had to clean permanent marker off a wall or a table? If so, then you’ll know that it’s not an easy task. However, cleaning it off doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think because all you need is a white board marker.


What you'll need:

White board marker
Micro fibre cloth
Warm soapy water

What to do:


1: Test out the affected area

It’s best to test out the affected area first before you commit to cleaning off the permanent marker, only to find this little trick doesn’t work. On a corner of the wall (or table) test the dry white board market by drawing a small line. Wait for it to dry in and wipe it off with boiling soapy water. If it comes off cleanly then you know that it can be used to get rid of the permanent marker once and for all.

2: Draw over the permanent marker

If your kids, or a drunken you, decided to draw on the wall with permanent marker then you’re going to have retrace whatever it is they drew. Using your dry white board marker, retrace absolutely everything that’s on the wall. Wait for it to dry and with your micro fibre cloth wipe away the graffiti.


3: Rinse and repeat

Once you’ve wiped away the white board markings you will see that the permanent marker will have vanished too. If the permanent marker has been dried in for some time then you might have to repeat step 2, but it shouldn’t take to long before your walls are free from permanent marker. Just rinse off the walls with warm soapy water and retrace your steps… and the domestic graffiti.