Fota Wildlife Park in Cork are looking to hire someone for their animal care department 2 years ago

Fota Wildlife Park in Cork are looking to hire someone for their animal care department


Some people just have a natural knack for dealing with animals.


For some reason, they respond better to animals than they do to most people.

And if you are this type of person, then this really could be your dream job.

Fota Wildlife Park in Cork are hiring a trainee ranger position in their animal care department.

They are now taking CVs for people who don't fancy a regular 9-5 office job, and who instead would rather work with a number of primate species, which includes endangered species like gibbons, spider monkeys and lemurs.


The duties of the post will include but are not limited to:

• To learn about the animals they are working with; carry out observation of their health and welfare in the section you are allocated to using the agreed procedures.
• To prepare and distribute the diets of animals according to agreed practice and to observe that animals eating effectively.
• To clean animal areas using the agreed procedures and time frames.
• Report any animal health concerns to a more senior ranger.
• Carry out responsible work practices relevant to zoonotic diseases.
• Assist with keeping enclosures, food preparation and public viewing areas at high standard of hygiene, cleanliness and exhibition.
• Visually check enclosure structure daily, reporting concerns immediately.
• Learn to assist with minor repairs and maintenance.
• Assist in ensuring all animal dept. areas, including canteen and toilets are kept tidy and to a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene where applicable.


Key requirements for the job include:

• Has some experience of caring for domestic and/or exotic animals and demonstrates a responsible and enthusiastic approach to the work.
• Understands why their work may be restricted compared to higher grade rangers dependant on the animals involved and their level of competence.
• Is physically fit enough for the required duties on the allocated section.
• Is literate with sufficient understanding of English, to understand written and verbal instructions.
• Has an interest in the zoo’s work and purpose.
• Flexibility in working times and duties is always a key requirement to ensure animals needs are covered.
• All employees must ensure that our visitors always experience excellent customer service and therefore will be willing to give operational support to any department requested.

If you're interested, you can fill out the application form here. The deadline for the application is Monday 16 September, so you'd better get at it.

Good luck.