Go Big or Go Home: Gym gear for lads of all shapes and sizes 8 years ago
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Go Big or Go Home: Gym gear for lads of all shapes and sizes

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When we hit the gym we want to push it to the limit, but that's no excuse to forget about looking good at the same time

With the winter finally here, we'll be spending a lot more time indoors in the gym, or needing to wrap up to brave the elements if we want to get our exercise in.


JOE had a look through the collection from our mates at Jacamo and picked a few of the best pieces for the man with the bulging bicep who puts in a hard shift in the gym, and wants to look good doing it.

Nike track jacket
A track jacket will keep us warm while we get to and from the gym, and during the autumn it might even keepus warm enough while we're out running. This Nike piece is very slick, and will keep comfort in mind while style isn't forgotten. €72.50

Penguin swim shorts
If you're lucky enough, your gym will have a pool and you can escape the icy temperatures outside with a lovely swim in the heated water. Slap these Penguin swim shorts on to dominate the pool both in style and . €49.99

JCM Performance track jacket
We've chosen another track jacket this time around, but we have to admit that it looks stylish as well as being functional, so we're confident it will get the job done while being easy on the pocket too. €30.50


JCM Lightweight Jogger
A good pair of runners will be the centrepoint of your workout gear, and these lightweight joggers come in a variety of colour as well as fits, with regular and extra wide available for the man who needs the extra space. €37.49

Puma Spirit Polo
Available in blue and white, these Puma polos are perfect for wearing to and from the gym, around the changing room, or as a change of shirt for the trip home after you've worked up a sweat on the weights. €30.99

Nike Just Dunk It Tee -Two Pack
If something is good an comfortable, you should stock up on them to make sure you don't run out, which is why these Nike tees come in a two pack. €62.50

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