These are the hardest accents in Ireland to understand 2 years ago

These are the hardest accents in Ireland to understand

It comes down to accents again...

For an island as small as Ireland, we do manage to cram in a wonderful assortment of accents.


It's understandable that someone not from this fair isle may have difficulty interpreting some of them and indeed even some people from Ireland may experience it as well, such is the diversity of them.

We've heard on a number of occasions about the sexiest accents in Ireland, and more often than not, it's Donegal which wins the gong of sexiest accent.

But, why are they winning this award so much? Is their accent so sexy, sexy, sexy? Are those dulcet tones a natural aphrodisiac?

Well, according to a new survey by Huawei, it may not actually be the mysteriousness of the accent that adds to it's sex appeal.

The phone company conducted a survey which found that the hardest accent in Ireland to understand was that of Donegal. So maybe it's not sexy after all, and people just can't comprehend what they're saying, but that just builds mystic which is interpreted as sexiness?

Meanwhile, Cork and Kerry were voted the second and third most difficult accents to understand.

Among other findings in the survey is that many people don't know how to correctly pronounce the word "GIF'. The word is actually pronounced at J-I-F, contrary to popular belief.


Huawei (pronounced Wah-Way), have opened up a whole can of worms with this survey, which coincides with the release of the Mate 20 series, keep an eye out for the full review of that phone on JOE in the next few weeks.