Head to JOE: The perfect eveningwear for the festive season 6 years ago

Head to JOE: The perfect eveningwear for the festive season

From the twelve pubs to the work night out, you can't go wrong by injecting a bit of style and class to your outfit

It's Christmas, so that means that there are going to be a huge amount of people out and about in their Christmas jumpers with "hilarious" slogans written on them running the gauntlet of twelve pubs, or out for their work party. There are also plenty of opportunities to head out and grab drinks with friends, go for a meal, or go to a fancy event, and as usual, JOE always wants to look stylish when we hit the streets.

So instead of joining the crowd and decking ourselves out in a jumper that says "deck my halls", we thought we'd step up our game a bit with some slick eveningwear from our mates at Gagliardi. Whether you want to impress with some party attire or you just want to get the right kind of attention on the work night out, you won't go far wrong with anything they've got on offer, but we've picked out a few of our favourite pieces to put together an outfit that will look great no matter what bookings you've got in your diary over the festive period.

Starting from the top, this dogstooth evening jacket is a piece that will stand out from the crowd, in particular if everyone else is wearing Christmas jumpers. We love it because it makes a statement and it's a brave choice, so you don't need to go too over the top with anything else that you match with it. The small touch of detail with the collar being all black will also draw the eye and marks this piece out as something special.

gagliardi 1

gagliardi 2

Not only that, but because this is vibrant and cool, you don't need to restrict it to eveningwear and can pull it off with some slacks or jeans on a regular night out. Its versatility makes it a great addition to your wardrobe, and will allow you to make a few outfits based around it.

If you're headed somewhere formal then this plain white dress shirt will compliment the jacket perfectly, but as usual Gagliardi add a brilliant touch with the black stud buttons down the front to add a bit of colour.

Covering up that detail with a tie would be a waste and a crying shame, in our humble opinion, so we've opted to go for a bow tie. A bow tie is again, a piece that makes enough of a statement on its own, so you don't have to go too overboard here either, so try to stay classic. This charcoal and burgundy number will add a splash of colour to the all white shirt, and is right on trend this season too. Alternatively, there are a few other dogstooth patterns available, if you're feeling sartorially adventurous.

gagliardi 5

To round the whole thing off, go with a classic black on the bottom half. These trousers are formal eveningwear, but the slim fit cut is modern and contemporary meaning you can wear them with almost anything. They're also lined above the knee on the inside for extra comfort, so you can stay cool and collected all night, adding to your suave look.

gagliardi 3

Last but not least, you're going to need some shiny new shoes that will complete the look. While we always love a good brogue, a timeless derby is your best bet here, sticking with the classic look you've cultivated so far. There's still that twist and splash of colour in the jacket and bow tie, so mixing the classic with those pieces that have a twist will make the perfect outfit.

gagliardi 4

So there you have it, from head to toe you're decked out in the perfect outfit for whatever event the festive season can throw at you, even if you manage to blag your way into a blacktie event with the fanciest folk in town, like JOE. What? We get invited to swanky stuff all the time...