Here's how Croke Park keeps seagulls away on match days 4 years ago

Here's how Croke Park keeps seagulls away on match days

A very interesting bit of trivia.

Just this past weekend, over 80,000 GAA fans descended on Croke Park to watch Dublin beat Tyrone for their fourth All-Ireland final win in a row.


Being so near the Liffey, and not all that far from the coast, one would expect the stadium to be thronged with Dublin's infamously aggressive seagulls — especially since there are plenty of pints and chips around to be stolen.

But on Monday evening, the Croke Park Twitter account revealed that they have an innovative method of keeping seagulls at bay: a Hawk-Eye of a totally different nature.

In a post on Twitter, Croke Park wrote: "Did you know? We use Harris’s Hawks to patrol the skies around Croke Park after matches. Due to the hawks being a predator bird, they deter seagulls from coming into the stadium before the clean-up and carrying waste into neighbouring areas."


To be fair, they're a fairly intimidating bird alright. You wouldn't catch them being ill-disciplined enough to steal your chips.

The more you know!