Here's how much it'll cost you to go to your mate's wedding 5 years ago

Here's how much it'll cost you to go to your mate's wedding

Weddings are like buses - you wait for what feels like an eternity for one to come along, and then suddenly everyone you know is popping the question.

For the first few stag-dos, best man speeches and complimentary bars, you probably can't get enough. Who doesn't enjoy stumbling through Prague at 10am dressed as The Incredible Hulk?



But the thing about weddings is they don't come cheap.

Sure, watching your mates/relatives/distant cousins who you've only seen twice since you were seven tie the knot is a massive privilege, but it doesn't half take a dent out of pay day. A €803-shaped dent, to be precise.

Home insurer Policy Expert arrived at that figure when adding up all the average costs of attending someone's big day. As it turns out, you could reward yourself with more than two PS4s for the same price.

As noted by Esquire, to arrive at the three-figure number, the insurance specialists factored in accommodation, gifts and the stag/hen do.

Obviously this news shouldn't encourage you to deliberately sabotage your friends' relationships so you can go to Dubai instead but if you notice them taking a sudden interest in rings and manor houses in the countryside, then best get budgeting.

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