Here's which counties are most happy with their county council 3 years ago

Here's which counties are most happy with their county council

Does your county feature on the list?

A new report has shown how a number of counties and constituencies feel about their county council.


Limerick are at the very top, with 69% of people asked claiming to be happy with the service that their council provides.

Tipperary comes in at the bottom of the survey conducted by The National Oversight and Audit Commission’s Local Authority Satisfaction Survey, with only a 40% satisfaction rating.

The average satisfaction rate is 53% among the 10 constituencies asked.

Here are the results in full:

Limerick - 69%

South Dublin 61%

Fingal 58%


Galway Co. 57%

Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown 57%

Dublin City 53%

Cork Co. 46%

Meath 44%


Kildare 43%

Tipperary 40%

The same report also found that housing was identified as one of the most important services, just 25% of respondents are satisfied with the affordability of housing in their area.


Speaking to the Limerick Leader, The Mayor of Limerick has welcomed the news, saying: “It is yet another reflection of just how far Limerick has travelled over the past half-decade.  Almost week in, week out we have an acknowledgement or recognition of some sort about the progress being achieved here. Across ever sphere Limerick is raising its game and the local authority is certainly providing a great lead, as this survey shows.”