Have insomnia or find it hard to sleep at night? Here's 6 methods that will help you 2 years ago

Have insomnia or find it hard to sleep at night? Here's 6 methods that will help you

Six ways of getting to the land of snooze.

We have all been there.

It's 3am, you're working in five hours time but no matter what you do, you can't fall asleep. On repeat in your head is a constant loop of Insomnia by Faithless... "I can't get no sleep."

The good folk at Sleepy People, want to ensure that those sleepless nights don't happen to you again and have suggested six ways that will help you get to sleep faster and reduce the amount of tiredness you feel the next morning.

They surveyed nearly 1,200 people and found that men survive on much less sleep than women.

More than 30% say they get by on under seven hours a night and for women, the figure is 17%. Around a fifth of people get less than the recommended eight hours sleep聽and one in 15 men say they get less than four hours of sleep each night.

While we've all heard of counting sheep or having a warm bath before bed, they are plenty of other wacky techniques to beat insomnia.

Put a small weight on your body

Apparently, putting a small amount of weight on your body - such as a small rock or a heavy cushion - can encourage your body to increase your brain鈥檚 production of serotonin, which, amongst other things, is responsible for making you feel sleepy.

However, do not overdo it as too much weight could make you feel uncomfortable, thus, putting you back to square one.

Rub dormouse fat into your feet

Years ago, in 1621, Robert Burton claimed that rubbing dormouse fat into your feet was the surefire way to cure insomnia. As ridiculous as it sounds, he also believed it held one of the many keys to living a long and happy life.


ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and it causes the pleasurable tingling sensation that some people get when they hear certain sounds. If you鈥檙e lucky enough to experience ASMR then it could be the perfect way to help you relax enough to fall asleep.

A few months ago, we told you about pink noise, this is an ASMR and could play a big part in helping you get to sleep.

Sleep restriction

The technique works by eliminating your waking hours in bed - so, if you can only sleep for two hours a night, you should only be in bed for those two hours, thus leading to better and healthier sleep cycles.


It increases melatonin levels and with acupuncture itself said to be a relaxing experience - and melatonin contributing to healthy sleep cycles - this dreamy duo could be one of the best techniques to get yourself into a regular sleeping habit.

Paradoxical intention

Paradoxical intention occurs when you try to stay awake as a way of falling asleep. Confused? Of course you are but it has been proven to work.

Trying to fall asleep when you have insomnia can be a frustrating experience but to take the frustration away, focus on staying awake and you could be relaxed enough to eventually fall asleep.

Hopefully, one of these six ways can kickstart your revival to getting a good night's sleep again.