PICS: Is this Ireland's smallest snowman? 2 years ago

PICS: Is this Ireland's smallest snowman?

Definitive proof that size doesn't matter.

If nothing else, Storm Emma and the Beast From The East have proven that Irish people can get very inventive when they're under some strenuous circumstances.

One thing is for certain, we had no idea so many people knew how to build igloos, but it turns out that it might be a part of our DNA, considering how many have popped up across the country in the last few days.

With modes of transport limited, a lot of folk found unique ways of sledding across the snowy terrain, including using tractors, canoes and the Pope's cross...

And then there was this guy, who may have built the tallest snowman in the country.

On the opposite end of that scale, we've got Thomas O’ Sullivan and his teeny snowman that he built in at his house in Glencorrib in County Mayo over the weekend.

Obviously the snowfall wasn't quite as bad there as it was in other parts of Ireland, so Thomas did the best he could with what he had.

And that includes a jaunty little hat from his Monopoly board, and what looks like a shoelace for a scarf.

So at a little under 5 inches, this is definitely the smallest snowman we've seen so far.